Our firm is adept at providing training for the workplace.

We work extensively with public agencies, private employers and educational institutions to provide relevant, cutting-edge training to ensure your entity meets both its legal obligations and cultivates a collaborative work environment.

We provide in-person training regarding harassment and discrimination prevention, including based on sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. Our programs comply with California mandates regarding supervisory and non-supervisory training.

We work with employees or other members of your team who need directed coaching, which we provide during tailored, one-on-one sessions.

We know that your potential workplace concerns and training needs are as varied as each individual member of your workforce, and beyond. Our firm has the capability to provide training on virtually any workplace issue.

In addition to harassment/discrimination and individual coaching, we are experienced trainers in areas including bias, bullying, retaliation, managing employee performance and progressive discipline, reasonable accommodation and the interactive process, and workplace-related social media and email use. Please contact us to discuss any training need.